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"Even When My Hair Is White"

When we are older
I hope we won’t change
Anytime, anywhere
This is my wish

Could you still kiss and hug me?
Until we grow older
I am just asking you
Will you still love me?
Even when my hair is already white

The day will come
Your hair will also become white
We shall reminisce together
Our memories of the past

We shall bring back the past
I will remind them to you 
My promise
Is that my love will always be yours 
Even when my hair is white

One of those bright and touching love songs from the Philippines, “Kahit Maputi na ang Buhok Ko" (Even When My Hair Goes White) was composed by the Filipino composer Rey Valera in1977, and became part of what was called the Manila Sound genre. The genre was at its height in the early 1970s and got out of style in the early 80s, as it probably became an escape for Filipinos to forget the dark side of the Marcos regime.

Such songs show a glimpse of “damdaming Pilipino” as it also was so in theKundiman genre. This particular rendition of the song was sung by Noel Cabangon.

  • Track: Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko
  • Artist: Noel Cabangon
  • Album: Byahe
  • Plays: 4